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Backyard Streams

Like all water features, auilding a stream can add value and beauty to any property, residential or commercial. There is something special about listening to the sound of the water as it flows downstream. It creates a warm, peaceful environment that makes everyone feel welcome.

Building streams is heavy work that also requires careful planning, which means hiring a professional landscaping company such as Windsor Companies for the job is a good idea. It would be a shame to get in the middle of the project and realize it’s not turning out the way you had hoped.

Below are a few of the most important things to consider when building a stream for personal or commercial property:

Choosing the best location – The location of the stream needs to be close enough to the home or business to be appreciated by all who encountered it but not so close that it interferes with normal activities.
Size matters – Streams can be built in all sizes large or small but they must be in proportion with the surrounding landscape. The size of the stream will also determine how much slope is needed to keep the water flowing.
What’s the right size pump for the job? The size of the pump is determined by the size of the stream so it needs to be calculated precisely.
The bottom of the stream should be lined with gravel and stone – This will give it a more natural and realistic look and it acts as a filtration system.

With all the planning and physical work that goes into designing and building a stream, it’s wise to use a professional company that specialize in this type of landscaping.

We design and build large streams for all types of commercial properties and smaller, personal ones for homeowners. Give us a call at 651-482-0205 or fill out our easy request form and we back begin work on beautiful backyard streams for your home, garden or commercial property.