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Deck Design | Minneapolis + St. Paul, MN

At Windsor Companies, We Will Assist You Designing Your Custom Deck. If You Already Have a Deck Design in Mind, We Will Help You Put it on Paper or We Can Begin Building It.

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Deck Design

Our deck design professionals have been assisting residents and business owners in Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN for more than 40 years and we have a hand in the design and construction for some of the most stunning outdoor spaces the Minnesota has to offer.

Have you decided to create your dream deck? The perfect deck design will emphasize the beauty of your property. On the contrary, a weak design will emphasize its imperfections.

The shape of your property can have a major impact on the size and location of your custom deck. However, we can modify any outdoor elements such as trees, air conditioners, landscaping and water features that might be in the way. For example, we can build the deck around your bigger trees and even use them to enhance your deck’s appeal.

A deck that has been professionally designed will significantly improve the beauty and functionality of your home or commercial property. It will bring the impression of elegance and personality that you have made inside your home to the outside.

How Can Windsor Help You in Your Deck Design Process?

1. We will help you determine the reason for creating a custom deck.

• Do you want to increase your home’s value?
• Do you desire more space?
• Would you like a place to host events?
• Do you want an outdoor living environment?

2. We will help you determine the location and size of your deck.

• How elevated will the deck be?
• How can it fit around your property elements such as your trees?
• How will the finished product appear? Will it complement the visual appeal of your lawn?

3. We will assist you in the legalities.

• Where can and can’t you dig on your property?
• Do you have the proper permit(s)?

…and of course, we will figure out the cost of the finished custom deck.

Get Started!

The deck design professionals at Windsor Companies are here to help you bring your custom deck ideas to life. To begin, simply call us at 651-482-0205 or fill out our user-friendly contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.

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