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Deck Installation | Minneapolis + St. Paul, MN

Deck Installation

The professionals at Windsor Companies have been relied upon for more than 40 years. One of our specialties is the installation of custom custom decks for home and business owners in the Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN region. Our deck installation specialists utilize the highest quality wood and composite materials available to produce decks that are stunning, strong and resilient against Minnesota’s harsh outdoor elements.

We work with the goal to stand out from the competition by delivering superior client service and the highest quality craftsmanship. Starting with our initial conversion regarding your deck installation needs through the construction and clean up process, we will be by your side and we are dedicated to your contentment. To learn more about how we can enhance your Minneapolis-St. Paul area property, give us a call at 651-482-0205.

Why Employ a Deck Installation Professional?

Warm weather is finally here, bringing with it both outdoor home improvement projects and the opportunity to make timeless memories enjoying your outdoor space with your friends and loved ones. If you’ve been thinking about building a deck, summer is the most conducive time of the year to finally make it happen. Here are some factors to take into account while deciding whether to hire a professional or attempt to do the job yourself.

You’re going to need a permit for that.

Depending on your neighborhood’s regulations and zoning requirements, you may need a permit to build a deck. Applying for a permit requires submitting plans to ensure both the sightlines of your addition and its safety, and those plans have to be completed according to certain strictures. Unless you have a natural knack for architectural drawing, it’s worth it to at least consult with a professional builder to be sure that your plans are safe and legal.

Safety first.

Sure, a deck can be a beautiful addition to your home, but that beauty is only worth as much as the safety of the structure. The deck materials must be treated properly to ensure that weather conditions won’t allow rotting, and the deck’s foundation must be properly installed, with the concrete foundation of the posts located below the frost line. You’ll also need to ensure that the ledger (the beam attaching the structure to the house) is properly stable. Even if you’re confident in creating a deck design alone, hiring a professional builder can ensure that your deck is not just pretty, but will be a safe addition to your home.

Selecting materials.

An outdoor deck will be exposed to years of sun, rain, heat, and humidity. This means that any initial imperfections in boards will be magnified over the years. Hiring a professional will ensure that any flaws in your materials will be caught before the deck goes up, and ideally avoided altogether.

Get Started!

Whether you need a brand new deck or an old one replaced, our deck installation professionals are here to assist you in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN region. Contact us today by filling out our simple request form or by calling us at 651-482-0205. We are looking forward to working with you!

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