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Landscaping Project | Minneapolis, MN

Windsor Companies completed this commercial landscaping project in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This gorgeous park in near downtown Minneapolis needed an upgrade. One of the best ways to make a strong statement about the park and attract visitors is to implement a landscape design project. The project we created featured reflective, classy and bold letters in a memorial-style design.

Windsor Companies completed this stunning landscape design project in 2007 and has been performing all of the necessary maintenance on the site ever since. We were happy to hear one recent visitor say, “The trees and lawn spaces are the kept in immaculate condition.”

The giant capitalized gold letters represent a message of value and class. They also convey a message of creativity of liveliness. During our design process, we took into account the artistic culture that Minneapolis is known for. We wanted to represent that artistic culture through our design.

The gold letters stating: “Gold Medal Park” featured in this design were made with only the highest quality metal material. That is why the beautiful letters will be standing for years to come.

This landscaping project won the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District’s 2013 Best Park Award. What an honor!

Minneapolis, MN Landscape Design Project

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