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Landscaping St. Paul MN

Windsor Companies’ convenient location in St. Paul allows us to have a true understanding of the landscape design needs of the city’s residents.

St. Paul is a city full of elegant, grand structures and homes that are complimented by many beautiful landscape designs. We are so grateful that St. Paul home and business owners contact Windsor Companies for their landscaping needs.

Nothing compliments classic architecture more than a stylish and appropriate landscape design. That is why we take pride in our St. Paul projects.

Because many of the homes and commercial structures in St. Paul are decades old. Therefore we must take into account the impact that major changes to a yard, garden or home property will have on an aged and possibly fragile structure. In addition, we make sure to consider the classic style of your home or building when we create our design so that the finished product visually supports the structure it surrounds. Another aspect we take into account during our design process is the elevated and uneven landscape that St. Paul sits on. We take every precaution to ensure that your design is safe and secure. We can create beautiful walkways or stair systems that will make it much easier for you to tour your property as well.

St. Paul experiences harsh, freezing winters and humid summers. The experts at Windsor Companies carefully consider Minnesota’s weather extremities when we plan a landscaping project. Not only will we help you understand the best lawn care strategies for a four-season environment upon your request; we will apply our experience and implement the best options so that your property remains healthy year-round with the least amount of maintenance.

If you are a St. Paul, MN resident in need of commercial or residential landscaping services, look no further than Windsor Companies. We are excited to work with clients from neighborhoods like Merriam Park to Battle Creek and everywhere in between.

We will work with you one-on-one until we address and fulfill your every landscaping requirement. Contact us today!

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