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We Offer Pond Installation & Design Services for Home & Business Owners in the Minneapolis – St. Paul Region

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Pond Installation & Design

Garden ponds are an important water feature in a healthy landscape. They can be used for home owners as well as large commercial properties and there are so many different designs and variations to choose from. A quality landscaper will be able to help you plan and choose the best for your needs.

Layouts and planning are an important part of the process but the benefits to investing in a garden pond are well worth it. You can enhance the beauty and comfort of your space and even help with the efficiency by investing in quality landscaping and landscape design.

Garden and backyard ponds or even commercial ponds add a certain type of element to the property. There is an art to creating waterfalls and landscapes that improve the overall appeal and value of the property and also add to the land and other area around them. A pond could be strictly a water pond or it could have fish and wildlife in it, could contain fountains and foliage or any combination of the different elements. In fact, this is part of the process of the pond design in the first place.

Some things that are considered when planning are the size and location of the pond as well as what plants will go in or around it. Algae control will also be important. You will find designs that range from a small bird bath sized pond to a larger-scale piece that makes up a good portion of the property.

Windsor provides outstanding pond landscaping design and planning for both residential and commercial customers in the Twin Cities area. Our expert staff have been recognized for their service, expertise and dedication to their craft and you can be sure you will be proud of work you get from Windsor.

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