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Landscaping Project | Shoreview, MN

Windsor Companies completed this residential landscaping project north of St. Paul in Shoreview, Minnesota.

The lakefront homeowner wanted a home that had a design inspired by the northern woods. Of course it was also important that the home featured every vital urban amenity.

This property was completely redone from the lake to the street. We included shoreline restoration, a natural stone backyard patio and walkway, an asphalt driveway, and we improved the yard’s irrigation and illumination. We added plenty of fresh vegetation and stone structures to give the property the northern woods feel that the homeowner desired.

1. We tore down the old, shabby house and replaced it with this new stunning residence.

2. We built a huge water detention and infiltration system underneath the property.

3. We built a new winding asphalt drive in front of the home to replace the ramp-like original.

4. We gave the property a natural appearance through the use of stone and northern-style vegetation.

5. We gave the backyard much more space for recreation.

6. We built a bath in the backyard for the family to use as ATV access.

7. We built a patio in the back of the property and utilized stone to create natural seating. The family now has a perfect place to view the lake.

Shoreview, MN Residential Landscape Design

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