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St. Paul, MN Landscaping Project

Windsor Companies completed this St. Paul, MN landscaping project for a commercial client.

St. Paul, MN landscaping project

This St. Paul, MN landscaping project was completed at the Penfield Apartments near downtown. These are luxury apartments and the complex features historic architecture. The apartment owners desired a setting that provided a natural appeal and elegance to the building.

The primary work we did was on the structure’s roof. During the project, we added portions of the roof – which is now technically called a “green roof” – with a carpet of live plants. This truly gave the building a natural and classy appeal. The residents were surely pleased.

The rooftop section of the building has a swimming pool and the experts at Windsor Companies added thousands of perennials and trees. This essentially turned the rooftop into a park of its own. In addition, there are walking paths for the residents. After all, it is not everyday that you have a private park on top of your apartment building!

St. Paul, MN landscaping project

The execution of the project required hundreds of special soils and thousands of plants to be lifted by cranes to the rooftop. This was a challenge because the building is three stories high.

The project was completed near the end of 2013 and the cost of the finished project was more $500,000.

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