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The 3 Best Ways to Remove Stubborn Garden Weeds

By January 10, 2019 August 12th, 2019 No Comments

Weeds can be a real problem and over time they can hinder the appearance of your garden.

Getting rid of the weeds can be tough if you do not want to harm your other plants. In addition, pesticides are out of the question for many gardeners. That is why it is important to remove your weeds naturally.

How can you prevent and remove weeds from your garden?
Use a Tarp. If you want to reset your garden to get a clean working area, then you might want to consider laying down a sheet of tarp. You need to make sure that the tarp is waterproof and that no visible light can get through the material. By laying this on the ground where you have weeds, you can kill them all within a matter of weeks without the need for hard labor. If you do have plants that you want to keep, cut holes in the tarp and pull the plants through. This allows them to access sun and water and prevents their access to the weeds.

Use Vinegar. “Vinegar is a very effective weed killer solution,” said Dan Michura, owner of a Minneapolis tree service. “This solution is more suited to gardens that have established plants already. If you have plants that have waxy leaves, this solution is ideal. The vinegar will roll right off the waxed leaves but it will kill the plants that are growing underneath. This is especially destructive toward plants that have immature roots so you will want to apply this solution to weeds that have just started to grow.”

Use Boiling Water. Boiling water is also very effective in removing weeds but you need to make sure that you avoid the plants that you want to keep. This method is also very effective if you have plants growing in between paving stones or on driveways.