Windsor Companies offers premium commercial & residential snow removal services in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN.

If you live in Minneapolis & St. Paul, you know that dealing with heavy snowfall can be a struggle when maintaining your home or place of business. Instead of having to shovel yourself or have an employee or family member risk themselves, let us plow any walkways, remove ice, and make sure that your business or home is safe. Contact us today to schedule our snow removal services.

The Advantages of Professional Snow Removal in Minnesota:

Winter in the Twin Cities mean that harsh elements like heavy snow, cold and ice are inevitable. Despite the chilly temperatures and difficult navigation associated with winter, your daily life and business routines do not need to be interrupted. Windsor Companies provide reliable and safe snow removal services for customers in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul region.

Save time and reduce costs. It is important to take into consideration the large amount of time that shoveling a driveway or areas within your property requires. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time on more worthwhile or entertaining activities? Not only will the professionals at Windsor offer an inexpensive winter upkeep service for you; we will ensure that the snow or ice covering your paths and driveway are removed in time so they do not interfere with your schedule.

Stay safe. Even when you utilize the proper equipment removing snow and ice from your property can be a strenuous and dangerous job. Especially when we see consistent heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures, this exhausting work can be harmful to your body and even your emotions. Avoid breaking your back or slipping on ice and hurting yourself by allowing us to do the job for you. In addition, our professionals may discover winter safety hazards – such as ice dams – that you did not find.

Why Choose Us?

Our licensed and insured professionals in the Twin Cities provide a complete spectrum of services to assure that your home or business are easily accessible and safe throughout the winter season.

We deploy a substantial fleet of industrial strength snowplows and snow removal gear. We utilize the highest quality de-icing equipment and simplify our wide-ranging cold weather services for business properties, storefronts, malls, healthcare facilities, hotels, parks, houses, apartment complexes, and more.

How Can You Get Started?

Our technicians stay updated on the latest trends in snow removal technology and techniques. We are available to service your home or business and we can customize our programs to fit your specific needs.

Fill out our contact form or call us at 651-482-0205 to learn more about our professional Twin Cities winter services.

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