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Services in the Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN Region

Windsor offers both commercial and residential property maintenance services for properties of any size. We want to keep your landscape looking its best throughout the year. Our property maintenance professionals will ensure that your landscape is kept clean, beautiful and healthy.

The Importance of Professional Property maintenance:

A lawn that is strong and taken care of properly will have the ability to stand up to most weeds and endure strain caused by Minnesota’s harsh winters, insects, disease, heat, and more.

Consistent mowing and watering are the first steps toward a healthy landscape. However, a truly strong landscape requires so much more. That is why many property owners are not able to accomplish their landscaping needs. Fortunately, the professional property maintenance experts at Windsor Companies will eliminate the hassle that comes with property maintenance and put your lawn and entire property on the path to beauty and health.

Windsor Companies offers a wide range of quality property maintenance services. Not only do we offer standard property maintenance services (see below); we provide requested services such as pruning, hedge and shrub trimming, the removal of tree limbs, gutter cleaning, fence repair, and power washing.

Why Choose Us?

Minneapolis and St. Paul are two of the most active and lively cities in the United States. Considering this (along with our extreme weather fluctuations), it is understandable that you have more important things to attend to than lawn maintenance. That is precisely why you should contact us. Put all of your property maintenance needs in our hands, spend more time enjoying your weekends and take advantage of the wonderful activities the Twin Cities offers.

At Windsor Companies, we will handle ALL of your yard maintenance and lawn mowing needs at a price that is within your budget. We will perform the trimming and edging of your entire property, including your walkways, garden and structures.

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Our certified property maintenance specialists will make sure that any landscape work is done on your schedule and without interruption to your home life or business. Let us take the hassle out of property maintenance. Schedule an appointment today!

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