Windsor Companies offers complete garden design services aimed at helping you create your dream garden!

The Benefits of Our Garden Design Services:

Professional care. Our years of experienced has allowed us to understand the best methods of plant and property care. We know exactly when fertilizers should be applied. We know what types of vegetation will flourish in your garden and how to manage weeds. To sum it up, we know how to keep your garden healthy.

Finished garden preview. If you want to develop a new garden, our garden design professionals can provide you with detailed designs of your garden before it is created. This way you can figure out what changes you’d like to make.

Cost planning. We help you understand how much each step of your garden design project will cost. Understanding the costs associated with your garden design project or garden design will allow you to make plans with your budget in mind.

Schedule flexibility. Our garden design experts will work around your schedule. We work hard to ensure that we are done with the project on time. In addition, to put it frankly, we will stay out of your way during our time working on your property and will avoid inconveniencing you.

Proper equipment use. We use only the highest quality equipment from trusted brands. This means that we can finish your project faster and more effectively than the competition.

Why Choose Us?

From the moment we meet you to discuss your garden design needs, we pay close attention to even the tiniest details. A garden yields many options and we have the proper experience to recommend and implement the best options for you.

Whether you are interested in a simple a garden design that you can build yourself, garden construction or garden maintenance, we are the company that will meet all of your requirements. We will manage your entire garden design project to ensure that your vision turns out exactly the way you wished for.

How Can You Get Started?

Depending on your specific needs, you may be looking for a small perennial garden or a large annual bed with borders and many different types of plants. No matter how big or small the project, we will get your garden up and running so you can enjoy it all year long!

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Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to see your dreams to fruition. Our goal is enable your creativity to be expressed within our designs.

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