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property by taking advantage of our

custom water features services

Escape the stresses of everyday life. Pamper yourself by customizing an exclusive landscape that complements your lifestyle and tastes. Our company maintains a strong bond with Minnesota’s organic environment. For years we have provided our clients with the highest quality and unique water feature designs, from incredible waterfalls feeding backyard streams to innovative and beautiful goldfish ponds.

Whether you desire a scenic waterfall or the serenity of a backyard stream, there is little that produces a comforting atmosphere like water. It enhances the elements of sound and movement and will transform a lackluster landscape into a remarkable environment. Integrating water features into your landscape is a great way to ensure that your design is destined to stand out and appeal to your neighbors, guests or customers. We offer many different options such as ponds, reflecting pools, fountains, and much more! If you want to turn your property into your own private paradise, what are your best options?

Whether you would like to place an elegant water fountain at the entrance of your home or develop a personal stream with a pond and waterfall in your backyard, it does not take long to realize that the comfort you feel at home improves greatly when you waterscape your property.

The installation of ponds, streams, water fountains, and-or waterfalls can be a very pricey investment. The professionals at Windsor Companies will make sure that your custom project is completed quickly and within your predetermined budget. This will ensure that you are completely satisfied with your water feature purchase.

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